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Weird moment for me today at a local store: a store I enjoy, depend upon, appreciate. I was there to buy some birthday cards, and I was gobsmacked to see them selling a shamelessly, painfully anti-Muslim card. The inside of the card reads simply "I honestly want to wish you a happy birthday," which is nice, but the "honestly" is only a joke if the speech on the outside of the card is explicitly anti-Muslim:

See, it's funny because it'd be awesome to tell a woman wearing the hijab that it means she's garbage. It wouldn't actually be "an honest mistake," because you meant exactly that equivalency.

Here in Canada today, a major university had to evacuate three of its major buildings due to bomb threats against its Muslim students. Last night, a mosque in Toronto was set ablaze by an arsonist. If you want a somewhat longer list, Vice can help you out with that.

I'm an atheist, and I have little sympathy for followers of any religion, in th…

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